cerita raya haji lepas
Friday, November 18, 2011 | 3:28 PM | 5 comments
cerita dah lapuk, baru nak cerita, haha, okey, mase raye haji lepas, keluar jln2 dengan kakak2.

seriously, get ready to be exposed with many of my "gewdiks" pictures okeyyy. if you don't like my face you can hell yeah,just go away from this page, booyah!

the story begins, my sisters and i go toKL Festival Mall so that my sis can do her jeweleries exchange at some gold shop. 

when we arrived there, my sis wanted to go to Parkson so that she could buy some glass jar for her house.
this glass jar, its quite heavy, my sis bought 3 of them, and the line at the cashier counter was so long, I repeat again, this glass jar is heavy and i hold 3 of them, pffft, and the cashier was so slow at doing their work, plus, in 3 counter that was available there, they olny open 1 counter to serve us customer that was, i repeat again, lining there as long as hell, pffft!, my sis have to wait there for about half an hour to pay for only this 3 jar.

after that my sis goes to a gold shop, Emas Sri Penang, and i need to wash my hand, i did not feel comfortable with teh feeling of dirty hand after i splash my CoolBlog. -.-

at the mall toilet. :p and then guess what, after i'm out from the toilet, i accidentally bump into one of my old friend. and i guess my sisters had a long way to finished with their gold stuff, so, i just go hanging out with that friend of my instead. :)

  this is my old friend, Alan.we're at Kaisen, the shop where's cute cute things lie, yess, i bought my cup cat and phone keychain doll here!

ooo, only his pictures, wheres mine? 

my attempts taking picture with this bird.
 attempts #1

 attempts #2

attempts #3

attempts #4

 finally! thanks to Alan!

this is the only pic i got with him that day, its harsh to get him on camera. *sighhhh!

after that, my sisters and i got to Sunway Putra Mall at Jln Sultan Ismail to shop there, i take the chance to meet my super duper kakak! kak Aween! kak Aween works there, promoting a brand for hair thingy. There got a curling tongue at her shop, and i ask her to curl my hair, awww, such a spoiled brat i was. tehee!~

 the making of the curl! 

okayyy, this is the curl resultsss! its beatiful isn't it? thanks kak Aween!

after that, my phone just pooffff! black out! its out of battery, but it doesnt stop me from taking pictures, I still got my sisters remember? teheee~

then i and kak Aween get into parkson and try the lipstick in there, the Pharmacy's lipstick is so my taste after that we go to the houseware area, seee?

the lipstick from Pharmacy looked really red.

 this is my lovely kak aween!

yes, we are the Mall siblings, teheee!~

after that, i went back home and sleepppppps. haha 

p/s: okay for those out there who follows my blog, i'm sorry because lately i was quite lazy to post a new entry, but starting from now, i will less post a new entry because my new semester in university has started, so, goodbye bloggers! i bid farewell now. 

thanks for all your support. i love you guys. mwahhhhx!



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