My Regrets
Thursday, October 13, 2011 | 6:56 AM | 0 comments

Talking about friends, yes, I have friends, and I once had a friend. She is a really sweet girl. Anywhere we go we just can't bear to be apart, we always stick together, I thought her as my closest friend during the first semester in UITM.

But until one day, our friendships gets to be tested, there's so many things that people talks about her and myself that makes us fought big time. She's mad at me, and I'm mad at her. We didn't talk for a long time. After a few days, she text me and say that she is sorry, but I guess the ego in me has taken over me. I had never reply to her message.

And so, we never spoken to each other until the end of the semester, also throughout the whole second semester too. In the second semester I feel lost, because I don't have a friend that has been close to me accept for her. Seriously, I missed her so much that sometimes I even cry when I think of her. Yes, I feel lonely. I've even thought of messaging her to say I'm sorry and that I miss her. But again my alter ego just didn't allow me to do it, I feel embarrassed to confessed the truth, and I don't have the guts to say I'm sorry to her for all of things that I've done. I feel ashamed of myself.

At the end of the second semester, a friend told me that that girl, is quitting her studying. I'm shocked to hear that, "should i go see her?, what actually happened?," All these things runs in my head, I want to see her, but yet, I'm afraid to face her. Again I just didn't have the guts.

Now she's completely gone, she has quit the UITM. How I wish our relationship is good as before. So we could spend time together, laugh together, just like normal. And the most important thing is how much I missed her. I really regret on what I've done, if I could turn the clock back around, I would just text her back, and say I'm sorry too when she had text me to say sorry in the first place. How stupid I was for not thinking wisely. I really do regret my decision.

Now, I just wish and hope that she will forgive me, not now, but maybe in the future. I always dream of talking and laughing with her again, because I've took her and treat her like my own sister. I wish we could be together again. I miss you, so much,


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