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12 July 2011-Part 6 students Diploma of Communication and Media Studies program in Universiti Technologi Mara has done a really great job in organizing Lendu Acoustic Night located at Dataran Keris UiTM Alor Gajah, Melaka.

Supervising the part six students, Cik Siti Faidul Maisarah binti Abdullah said that Lendu Acoustic Night is just a first step in realizing the MEGA CHARITY program that will soon be held at Dataran Pahlawan Bandar Hilir Melaka with the effort from Melaka Chief Minister, YAB Datuk Seri Hj.Mohd Ali bin Mohd Rustam.

At the starting of this event, the “TOUCH” crew rolled a montage that explained about “TOUCH 2011” event and the reasons why we should be involved with the event that consist of five reasons, first, play games and get gifts, second, walkathon, third, get to know Melaka, fourth, full of gimmick and surprises, and the last one is, charity.

"TOUCH" is tourism and charity awareness exhibition organize by final semester students of Faculty of Communication and Media Studies (FKPM), Universiti Teknologi Mara, Melaka as their professional project, it’s also another creative way of supporting and helping Non-Government Organization (NGO) and charity awareness activity and society.

Moreover, “TOUCH” is also a platform whereby the Non-Government Organisation (NGO) which is established based on causes such as community-service, environment, social-welfare or wildlife preservation to educate and create awareness to the Malaysian community about their existence and responsibility for our better future. 

“As a responsible community, we the semester six students of FCMS hope to aid various organizations through funds as well as give them exposure to the larger society, not only that, we also hope that our prior-event activities with them would also lessen their burden and help them in a way which we could” said “TOUCH” Project Manager, Muhammad Hanif Hassan.
At Lendu Acoustic Night event, the crew gives a performance to the crowd, lead by Farah Dibba Roslam, they sing for a good cause while enjoying good music at the same time contributing to charity for this "TOUCH 2011" fund which consists of concerned youths for our society’s well being.
Followed after that is the performance from 10 participants that volunteered to do the performance willingly for a good cause, among all of the participants, the most stands out participant is none other than Maisarah Nasir, a part two Mass Com student by singing “Jar of Hearts” and “What About Now”.
While the participants are performing, the charity box had been passed around the crowd to collect donations from the students of UiTM Melaka, the students had also been aware of the charity purpose and willingly donating some of their money for a good cause.
This event has successfully ended at 12 midnight with the charity box filled with donations from the students, it is said that this event is the most successful within this week with crowd overflowed the scene.
Performance by Maisarah Nasir singing “Jar of Hearts”.
The crew and all the lecturers taking photos with all the donations they have collected.


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